General Accident

What is covered?

Burglary - Private/Business Premises

This is also referred to as theft insurance. Cover is proved for private and business premises. Private burglary provides cover for the insured’s private dwelling house against theft involving violent entry into or exit from the premise. Business burglary provides protection for the insured’s business property, stock owned by or held in trust.

Workmen's Compensation

This form of insurance provides cover for payment of wages and medical expenses to employees injured in the course of employment.

Goods in Transit

This cover is on all risk basis and covers goods whilst in transit. Cover includes goods during loading, carriage, unloading or temporary garaging of all vehicles, goods carried by or goods Comprehensive motor sent through the post.

Money Insurances (CIT/CIS)

Provides a very wide form of cover (All Risks’) in respect of a very wide definition of the risk, money includes cash, bank and currency notes, cheques, postal orders, money orders, postage, national savings and holiday with pay, stamps and luncheon vouchers. The standard policy cover money in the following situation: a) In actual transit b) In a bank safe / vault c) On the insured premises during business hours d) In a locked safe or strong room outside business hours e) On the insured premises outside business hours but not in a locked safe or strong room.

Personal/Group Personal Accident

The sum insured is paid if the insured suffers an accident or is off work due to sickness. The insurance is taken on an annual basis. The policy can be taken by individual or group to cover:

  • death
  • total loss of sight in one or both eyes
  • total loss of one or both limb
  • permanent total disablement
  • permanent partial disablement
  • temporary total disablement
  • temporary partial disablement
  • medical expenses

Fidelity Guarantee

This cover is issued to commercial organisations to indemnity an employer against direct pecuniary losses and loss of stock through acts of dishonesty by employees. Types of policy are:

  • individual
  • collective (named)
  • blanket
  • position

Professional Indemnity

The main provisions of this policy indemnifies the insured against claims for damages and claimant’s costs for breach of professional duty, due to negligent act, error or omission made against him during the period of insurance. Key features:

  • cover is on claims made basis
  • the negligence must have been committed in the conduct of business
  • negligence by predecessors is covered
  • professional duty only is covered
  • discovery period of three months is allowable