Marine Cargo/Hull

What is covered?

Marine Cargo

Marine insurance deals with matters of the sea such as import and export that are transported by sea & air referred to as cargo insurance. The insurance covers the insured’s property against loss or damage arising from perils the sea, air, land and inland water ways.

Marine Hull

This is the body of the ship which is usually made of fiber glass, metal or wood. With this type of insurance, we are looking at the body of the ship, machinery and equipment on board the vessel, and potential liability to third parties.


Ship-owners’ liability whether contractual or to third parties are all capable of being covered under marine insurance by extension of the hull policy. The contractual liabilities are those of which arise under the contract of affreightment in connection with cargo or liabilities to passenger etc. Third party liabilities include damage to persons and property caused by the negligent navigation of the ship.

P & I Club

Protection and Indemnity clubs are not insurance but non-profit mutual association of ship-owners and chatterers who came together to provide cover for liabilities not covered under the ITC clauses. The Clubs cover members’ liability for 7 major claims: • Cargo (claims for short delivery, loss of or damage to cargo) • Crew (medical expenses, repatriate compensation for death or injury) • Collision (to extent not covered by ITC hull clause) • Fixed and floating objects (damage to dock) • Third party injury and death (stevedores, passengers) • Oil pollution (fines, wreck removal etc) • Cover also includes costs and expenses incurred in investigating and handling claims.