WAICA Re actively engages in training of our cedants in Reinsurance and the provision of technical support.

Waica Reinsurance Corporation PLC believes in training and the development of human capacity both within our institution and those external to WAICA Re and has conducted various training programs so far for its cedants based in West Africa and beyond. WAICA Re intends to continue its annual training and development efforts.

Risk Management Analysis

Our ERM team partners with our prestigious clients to effective identify, analyses, mitigate those risks that may threaten the assets and earning capabilities of the enterprise and deliver a more appropriate solution to the owners in an easy-to-read manner.

Portfolio Management

WAICA Re Capital, a subsidiary of WAICA Re provides advisory services for investment opportunities, assets allocation and risk balancing.

New Product Development

We provide technical assistance and market information to cedants hoping to launch new products into the market.

RM Support Services

Helping Clients to set up and implement ERM Framework.

Claims Adjustment

WAICA Re is highly connected with experienced Loss Adjusters and Claims Investigators in the Reinsurance world capable of resolving complex claims and providing insights to fraud- related claims.

Risk Rating

With our experience in risk and insurance, we are able to effectively categorize your risk in probability levels to inform your judgement.


We provide first- class training customised to meet the needs of your market. There are three tiers of training: The first is a formal training for all our cedants done once in a year, free of charge in a particular location. The second is an in-house training where you can send your staff to our office to learn how we do underwriting and risk assessment. The third is where we invite requests from cedants to do a customised training on their office premises to satisfy a need gap.